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You will find new patient paperwork below. To save time, make sure all of your paperwork is complete before your first appointment. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask a clinic staff member for help.

  • Whom may we thank for referring you to this office?     _________________________________________________



    Today’s Date: __________________                                                                             HRN: _____________________

                                              PATIENT DEMOGRAPHICS                                          


    Name: ___________________________________________  Birth Date: _____-_____-_____   Age: ________       Male         Female

    Address: _________________________________________ City: _________________________ State: _____ Zip: ____________

    E-mail Address: _______________________________________________________________________

    Home Phone: ________________________ Mobile Phone: _______________

    Marital Status:  Single       Married

    Do you have Insurance:   Yes       No

    Work Phone: ______________________________

    Driver’s License #: ___________________

    Employer: ______________________________    Occupation: _____________________________________________________

    Spouse’s Name _________________________________ Spouse’s Employer ____________________________________________

    Number of children and Ages: ______________________________________________________________________________________________________

    Name & Number of Emergency Contact: __________________________________________

    Relationship: ________________________________________



    Please identify the condition(s) that brought you to this office:

    Primarily: _____________________________________________________

    Secondarily: __________________________   Third: _____________________________ Fourth: _________________________

    On a scale of 1 to 10 with 10 being the worst pain and zero being no pain. Rate your above complaints by circling the number:

    Primary or chief complaint is:           0 –   1 –   2 –   3 –    4 –  5 –    6 –   7 –   8 –   9 –   10

    Second complaints are:                      0 –    1 –   2 –   3 –    4 –  5 –    6 –   7 –   8 –    9 –   10

    Third complaint:                                  0 –   1 –   2 –   3 –    4 –   5 –  6 –   7 –    8 –   9 –  10

    Fourth complaint:                               0 –   1 –   2 –   3 –    4 –   5 –  6 –   7 –   8 –   9 –   10

    When did the problem(s) begin? ____________________________ When is the problem at its worst?  AM      PM    mid-day    late PM

    How long does it last?

    It is constant   OR    I experience it on and off during the day   OR    It comes and goes throughout the week

    How did the injury happen? ____________

    Condition(s) ever been treated by anyone in the past?     No      Yes

    If yes, when: _____________________________________ by whom? _________________________________

    How long were you under care: ____________

    What were the results? ______________________________________________________

    Name of Previous Chiropractor: _____________________________________________________________ ,           N/A

               LIST RESTRICTED ACTIVITY:                                    CURRENT ACTIVITY LEVEL                                   USUAL ACTIVITY LEVEL   

    ___________________________________:                   ______________________________________________________________________

    ___________________________________:                 ______________________________________________________________________

    ___________________________________:                    ______________________________________________________________________

    ___________________________________:                  ______________________________________________________________________

    Is your problem the result of ANY type of accident?      Yes      No

    Identify any other injury(s) to your spine, minor or major, that the doctor should know about: ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________


    (Please circle your answer)

    Have you suffered with any of this or a similar problem in the past? q No q Yes

    If yes, how many times? __________

    When was the last episode? ____________________________________________________________

    How did the injury happen? ______________________________________________________________________________________________________

    Other forms of treatment tried:     No     Yes

    If yes, please state what type of treatment:  _________________________________, and who provided it:_______________________

    How long ago? _______

    What were the results?            Favorable         Unfavorable, please explain. ______________________________________________________________________________________________________

    Please identify any and all types of jobs you have had in the past that have imposed any physical stress on you or your body:  ______________________________________________________________________________________________________

    If you have ever been diagnosed with any of the following conditions, please indicate with a P for in the Past, C for Currently have and N for Never have had:

    ___ Broken Bone    ___Dislocations         ___ Tumors      ___Rheumatoid Arthritis    ___ Fracture     ___Disability   ___Cancer

    ___ Heart Attack     ___Osteo Arthritis    ___ Diabetes    ___Cerebral Vascular          ___ Other serious conditions:      


        PLEASE identify ALL PAST and any CURRENT conditions you feel may be contributing to your present problem:

    HOW LONG AGO    TYPE OF CARE  RECEIVED    BY WHOM                                                                  
    ADULT DISEASES          


    (Please circle your answer)

    1. Smoking:  cigars    pipe    cigarettes
    2. How often?  Daily       Weekends     Occasionally      Never
    3. Alcoholic Beverage consumption occurs:   Daily     Weekends   Occasionally      Never
    4. Recreational Drug use:   Daily     Weekends   Occasionally      Never
    5. Hobbies -Recreational Activities- Exercise Regime: How does your present problem affect the following:


    (Please circle your answer)

    1. Does anyone in your family suffer with the same condition(s)?  No      Yes

        If yes whom:  grandmother    grandfather    mother   father    sister(s)     brother(s)     son(s)    daughter(s)

    Have they ever been treated for their condition?  No        Yes        I don’t know

    1. Any other hereditary conditions the doctor should be aware of.  No      Yes: __________________________

    I hereby authorize payment to be made directly to Greenlawn Family Chiropractic, for all benefits which may be payable under a healthcare plan or from any other collateral sources. I authorize utilization of this application or copies thereof for the purpose of processing claims and effecting payments, and further acknowledge that this assignment of benefits does not in any way relieve me of payment liability and that I will remain financially responsible to Greenlawn Family Chiropractic for any and all services I receive at this office.

    _____________________________________                               _____ – _____ – _____

    Patient or Authorized Person’s Signature                                           Date Completed


                             ________________________________________                          ______ – ______ – _____

                            Doctor’s Signature                                                         Date Form Reviewed



    Patient Name: _________­­­­­­­­­_______________________________________ HR#: ________________        ___/___/___

    Patient Name__________________________________File#/HRN _______________ Date ________                                               



    When was your most recent auto accident?


    What speed was the collision?


    Type of impact: Front Impact / Side Impact / Rear Impact

    Was treatment received? Please describe


    When was your most recent strain / stress at work?


    Please describe the manner of the injury


    Was treatment received? Please describe


    Does your job require you remain in long term stressful postures?


    (I.e. all day seating, repeated lifting, long term computer use)

    Spinal trauma in the past? If do, please describe:


    (Circle all that apply) Collision, quick burst, or repetitive motion sports: football, wrestling, basketball, baseball, soccer, tennis, golf, track and field

    (Circle all that apply) Trauma as a child, i.e. fall on your head, impact to your head, concussion,  fall onto your back or tailbone, biking accident

    Work around the house – lifting, bending, woke up with stiff neck, “back went out” etc.





    Have you tested with high triglycerides or high cholesterol? (Y / N) Values?


    Have you tested with high blood pressure? (Y / N)

    Are you diabetic? Have you been diagnosed as pre-diabetic or with metabolic syndrome? (Y / N)

    Do you eat breakfast daily from Monday to Friday? (Y / N)

    How many days per week do you skip one meal? (0) (1) (2) (3) (4+)

    How many fast food, refined foods, or pre-pared meals do you eat per week? (0) (1-3) (4-6) (7+)

    How many servings of fruit do you have on a given day? (0-1) (2-3) (4+)

    How many servings of vegetables do you have on a given day? (0-1) (2-3) (4-5)

    Do you regularly drink (1 or more per day) any of the following? (circle all that apply)

    Diet Soda        Coffee          Juice          Milk            Soda           Alcohol

    Please list any supplements you take regularly:  __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________


    How many times per week do you exercise?

    Cardiovascular ___Hours ___Days/Wk                 Weight Training ___Hours ___Days/Wk

    Low Impact (Yoga, etc.) ___Hours ___Days/Wk

    What is your target weight? _____________What is your current weight? ___________

    How willing are you to change any of these things to reach your health goals? (Scale of 1-10) ________


    Are you regularly exposed to cleaning products or industrial chemicals? (Y / N)

    Have you ever noticed mold growing in your home or your place of work? (Y / N)

    Does your home, work, school, or car have damp or mildew smell? (Y / N)

    Have you received a full standard profile of vaccinations? (Y / N)

    Do you receive yearly flu shots? (Y / N) How many flu shots have you received? _____ (estimate)

    Have any members of your family been diagnosed with fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue or multiple chemical sensitivities? (Y / N)

    Do you have symptoms of hormonal system imbalance (thyroid, reproductive, adrenal)? (Y / N)



    Do you get an average of 8 hours of sleep per night? (Y/N)

    Do you average less than 7 hours of sleep per night? (Y/N)

    Do you ever take pills to go to sleep or relax? (Y/N)

    Do you often feel short on time and procrastinate on projects? (Y / N)

    Do you experience feelings of anxiety about completing tasks? (Y / N)

    Do you feel like you don’t give enough time or attention to important areas in your life like family, personal growth, or a hobby? (Y / N)

    Do you rely more on your memory than a planner and action list to get things done? (Y / N)

    Do you take time to pray, meditate, or visualize on a regular basis? (Y / N)



      Doctor Signature __________________________­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­_______________________Date ____________________

    Informed Consent

    REGARDING: Chiropractic Adjustments, Modalities, and Therapeutic Procedures:

    I have been advised that chiropractic care, like all forms of health care, holds certain risks. While the risk are most often very minimal, in rare cases, complications such as sprain/strain injuries, irritation of a disc condition, and although rare, minor fractures, and possible stroke, which occurs at a rate between one instance per one million to one per two million, have been associated with chiropractic adjustments.

    Treatment objectives as well as the risks associated with chiropractic adjustments and, all other procedures provided at Greenlawn Family Chiropractic have been explained to me to my satisfaction and I have conveyed my understanding of both to the doctor. After careful consideration, I do hereby consent to treatment by any means, method, and or techniques, the doctor deems necessary to treat my condition at any time throughout the entire clinical course of my care.

    _________________________________________        ____/____/____      Witness Initials:

    Patient or Authorized person’s Signature                         Date

    REGARDING: X-rays/Imaging Studies



    FEMALES ONLY please read carefully and circle the statements, include the appropriate date, then sign below if you understand and have no further questions, otherwise see our receptionist for further explanation.

    The first day of my last menstrual cycle was on ____-____-­­­­____ Date

    I have been provided a full explanation of when I am most likely to become pregnant, and to the best of my knowledge, I am not pregnant.

    By my signature below I am acknowledging that the doctor and or a member of the staff has discussed with me the hazardous effects of ionization to an unborn child, and I have conveyed my understanding of the risks associated with exposure to x-rays. After careful consideration I therefore, do hereby consent to have the diagnostic x-ray examination the doctor has deemed necessary in my case.

    ____________________________________________   ____/____/____      Witness Initials:

    Patient or Authorized person’s Signature                                 Date







    Patient initials: _________-retaining page 1 of 2




    Greenlawn Family Chiropractic’s NOTICE REGARDING YOUR RIGHT TO PRIVACY


    I have received a copy of Greenlawn Family Chiropractic’s Patient Privacy Notice. I understand my rights as well as the practices duty to protect my health information, and have conveyed my understanding of these rights and duties to the doctor. I further understand that this office reserves the right to amend this ‘Notice of Privacy Practice” at an time in the future and will make the new provisions effective for all information that it maintains past and present.

    I am aware that a more comprehensive version of this “Notice” is available to me and several copies kept in the reception area. At this time, I do not have any questions regarding my rights or any of the information I have received.

    _______________________________________________            ______________        _____________

    Patient’s Name                                                                                                                               DOB                             HR#

    _______________________________________________              ______________

    Patient signature                                                                                          Date

    _______________________________________________              ______________

    Witness                                                                                                        Date





     Page 1 of 2





    Note: Patient retains the Notice of Office Policies and GREENLAWN FAMILY CHIROPRACTIC retains the signature sheet.





    Patient initials: _________-retaining pages 2 of 2 



    Greenlawn Family Chiropractic’s NOTICE REGARDING YOUR RIGHT TO PRIVACY continued….                                

    I hereby acknowledge receiving a copy of the practices ‘Office Policies’ a two page document, the first page of which I have read and retained. This second page is recognized by me as the signature page and will be retained by the practice as evidence of my receiving and understanding this ‘Notice’. I further acknowledge that any concerns regarding these ‘Policies ’as well as all my questions have been answered by a qualified member of the staff to my complete satisfaction. 



    _______________________________________________               _____________      ____________

    Patient’s Name                                                                                                                                 DOB                      HR#

    _______________________________________________              ______________

    Patient signature                                                                        Date

    _______________________________________________              ______________

    Witness                                                                                     Date







     Page 2 of 2



    Welcome to Greenlawn Family Chiropractic!

    As a potential new patient, we feel it is important that you understand our office policies regarding, how patients of this practice are cared for, and the various methods we offer to facilitate payment for that care. Please read each policy carefully so there is no misunderstanding as to what you can expect as a patient of this practice, and what we expect in return. Once you have read “Our Office Policies”, if you have any questions or any of these policies are unclear to you, and you would like further explanation before submitting your Application for Care, please let our front desk know and a member of our staff will be happy to discuss them with you further. We believe it is in everyone’s best interests to provide potential new patients as much information as possible about how the doctors at this office practice chiropractic so that an informed decision can be made as to whether they wish to become a patient.

    Over time, individuals who are accepted, as patients at this office, gain a greater understanding as to the purpose of chiropractic. Since the majority of patient care occurs in an open bay area, patients have a unique opportunity to observe firsthand the positive results that are achieved and the benefits derived from being under chiropractic care. This knowledge and awareness reaps a positive environment that promotes healing and encourages families to maintain good health. We want your experience with us to be an exceptional one, so help us to help you and together we can make affirmative changes in your life and the lives of those you care about.

    o PATIENT PRIVACY – Since the majority of patient care takes place in an open bay area it is important to understand that any conversations you have with the doctor can be overheard by other patients. In order to maintain patient privacy it is the policy of this practice to refrain from discussing any confidential matters with patients during treating hours while patients are being adjusted. If you have a confidential matter you wish to discuss please let us know and we will schedule time for you to speak to the doctor in a private consultation room. These consultations must be scheduled in advance.


    o YOUR CARE – When a patient seeks chiropractic health care and we agree to provide that care, it is essential for the patient and the doctor to be working toward the same objective. Chiropractic care at Greenlawn Family Chiropractic is rendered primarily to minimize and reduce subluxation, which are a major interference to the expression of the body’s innate wisdom. Doctors use a myriad of techniques to accomplish this goal, including but not limited to ML Technique. It is important that you understand both the objective and the method(s) so there is no confusion or disappointment. Tremendous progress has been made in the rehabilitating and correction of spinal problems. Where in the past, chronic spinal structural problems could not be reversed or corrected, today they can. Your doctor will outline a course of treatment that will take you beyond simple pain relief, through two distinct phases of care to make a structural correction to your spine that will enable your central nervous system to function optimally, thereby improving you overall health.

    o FIRST THINGS FIRST– Prior to receiving chiropractic care at this office, a health history and examination will be completed. Imaging studies as well as any other necessary diagnostics may also be ordered, to confirm the true nature of your condition and exact location of subluxation. The results of these procedures will aid in assessing your presenting problem, your overall health and, in particular, the condition of your spine. They will also assist the doctor in determining the type and amount of care you will need. All relevant findings will be reported to you along with care plan recommendations so that you can make the best possible decision regarding your health care needs. Our gold standard for care is to ensure the reduction of subluxation while teaching patients what they need to do in addition to being adjusted to maintain their health for a lifetime.

    o PATIENT’S REPORT OF FINDINGS – To enhance your understanding of the chiropractic approach that will be used to manage your health, immediately following your first adjustment, you will be scheduled for a ‘Doctors Report of Findings’. The information you receive at this appointment will be both informative and clinically relevant to your case, therefore attendance is required for individuals who wish to become new patients of this practice. Because the results of your x-rays and all examinations as well as the doctors’ recommendations for care, will be discussed at that time, we strongly urge new patients to invite their spouse or significant other to attend. We know from experience that when a patient’s family understands the goals and objectives of chiropractic care and how restoring and maintaining good health can affect their lives as well, they become infinitely supportive and helpful in making important decisions concerning treatment options.

    Page 1 of 2




    Greenlawn Family Chiropractic NOTICE OF PRIVACY PRACTICE

    This office is required to notify you in writing, that by law, we must maintain the privacy and confidentiality of your Personal Health Information. In addition we must provide you with written notice concerning your rights to gain access to your health information, and the potential circumstances under which, by law, or as dictated by our office policy, we are permitted to disclose information about you to a third party without your authorization. Below is a brief summary of these circumstances. If you would like a more detailed explanation, one will be provided to you. Once you have read this notice, please sign the last page, and return only the signature page (page 2) to our front desk receptionist. Keep this page for your records.


    1. Treatment purposes- discussion with other health care providers involved in your care
    2. Inadvertent disclosures- open treating area mean open discussion. If you need to speak privately to the doctor, please let our staff know so we can place you in a private consultation room.
    3. For payment purposes – to obtain payment from your insurance company or any other collateral source.
    4. For workers compensation purposes- to process a claim or aid in investigation
    5. Emergency- in the event of a medical emergency we may notify a family member
    6. For Public health and safety – in order to prevent or lessen a serious or eminent threat to the health or safety of a person or general public.
    7. To Government agencies or Law enforcement – to identify or locate a suspect, fugitive, material witness or missing person.
    8. For military, national security, prisoner and government benefits purposes.
    9. Deceased persons –discussion with coroners and medical examiners in the event of a patient’s death.
    10. Telephone calls or emails and appointment reminders –we may call your home and leave messages regarding a missed appointment or apprize you of changes in practice hours or upcoming events.
    11. Change of ownership- in the event this practice is sold, the new owners would have access to your PHI.


    1. To receive an accounting of disclosures
    2. To receive a paper copy of the comprehensive “Detail” Privacy Notice
    3. To request mailings to an address different than residence
    4. To request Restrictions on certain uses and disclosures and with whom we release information to, although we are not required to comply. If, however, we agree, the restriction will be in place until written notice of your intent to remove the restriction.
    5. To inspect your records and receive one copy of your records at no charge, with notice in advance
    6. To request amendments to information. However, like restrictions, we are not required to agree to them.
    7. To obtain one copy of your records at no charge, when timely notice is provided (72 hours). X-rays are original records and you are therefore not entitled to them. If you would like us to outsource them to an imaging center, to have copies made, we will be happy to accommodate you. However, you will be responsible for this cost.



    If you wish to make a formal complaint about how we handle your health information, please call Destiny Espinoza at (512) 248-9235. If she is unavailable, you may make an appointment with our receptionist to see her within 72 hours or 3 working days. If you are still not satisfied with the manner in which this office handles your complaint, you can submit a formal complaint to:

    DHHS, Office of Civil Rights

    200 Independence Ave. SW

    Room 509F HHH Building

    Washington DC 20201